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"Instant Brilliance for Nurses, Women, & Leaders: Escaping Burnout!"

Nurse to Nurse
Renew, Sparkle Within, Soar Beyond: Defying Burnout, Embracing Brilliance!"


Let's Sparkle Together LLC

Leona Logan's Compassionate Guide  Uncover the roots of burnout and reignite the radiant light that fuels your extraordinary and resilient journey in compassionate care.
Instant Burnout Busting 
Innovation for
Real Life
Leona Logan RN, CNM

1 ( 878) 778-7700
๐Ÿ’– The Heart Behind the Healer:
Leona's journey in the healthcare industry began not just as a profession but as a calling rooted in a profound understanding of the human condition. Her genuine empathy, kindness, and desire to make a positive impact on lives led her to the sacred path of nursing and midwifery and later pastoral ministry. However, Leona acknowledges that the very qualities that drew her into these noble professions became the silent contributor to burnout.
๐Ÿ”ฅ Navigating Burnout:
Having experienced the challenges that can turn passion into burnout, Leona specializes in helping nurses reconnect with their initial drive. By delving into the depths of their burnout symptoms, Leona’s insights unveil the roots of their passion and identities. Through a compassionate and personalized approach, Leona guides nurses on a transformative journey to rediscover the joy that initially fueled their commitment to healthcare and enables them to resiliently find healing to sparkle again.
๐ŸŒˆ Healing the Wounds Within:
Let's Sparkle goes beyond surface-level solutions. Leona helps nurses connect their passion to the wounds they may be unknowingly addressing through their work—filling a void but not entirely, the need to please others but finding no appreciation, and the inability to say NO, the why’s behind the Yes problem of guilt and resentment. The tug of war that rages in those who have much to give, but who’s scars from front-line service have robbed them of the joy they once held. By fostering a deeper understanding of themselves, their emotions, and their past experiences, Leona guides nurses through a process of embracing their inner child, allowing them to appreciate every aspect of their being, especially their creative nature again.
๐ŸŒŸ Rediscover Meaning and Purpose:
Let's Sparkle goes beyond averting burnout;
it's a vibrant quest to rekindle the fire of purpose
and restoration. Leona emboldens nurses to
wholeheartedly value themselves, unearthing
the potential for a revitalized sense of meaning
and purpose in their vocation. Through
captivating Keynote Speaking, infused with
creative ventriloquism that catches audiences
off guard, disarming defenses and paving the
way for profound self-discoveries, Leona
orchestrates workshops, coaching sessions,
and a tailored approach to guide nurses towards
embracing their authentic selves. The result is a
transformative journey that transcends
professional life and permeates every facet of their existence.

Embark on a self-discovery expedition with Let's Sparkle Together, where healing isn't merely a career but a sacred mission to reclaim the joy and purpose within. Leona isn't just a guide; she's a radiant beacon of light, prepared to accompany fellow nurses on a transformative odyssey toward enduring fulfillment.

Let's Sparkle—because your light deserves to shine brightly once again. ๐ŸŒŸโœจ

Ready to embark on your personalized journey of rediscovery?

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Let's sparkle — together.

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Let your Sparkle become contagious. 

Be the light that ignites your team to succeed.

Instant Burnout Proof
โ€‹    You will be inspired.

You will be energized.

You will be amazed.

Invest in yourself.

Invest in your nurses.
Invest in your mission.
Invest in life!
Super Charge any Keynote with Leona's spellbound puppet's and take your organization to
the next level of spectacular!

Hello. I'm Leona.

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We all need an A-hah moment.  That second in time when purpose and meaning collides with our souls.   An awareness that turns dull attitudes into one that sparkles, releasing our potential's and making our lives and nursing career's a space that participates in illuminating the best in us, so that our sparkle spills over into the  people we encounter and all that we do, for the betterment of the world.  Let's Sparkle Together.   Give me a call, 1 (878) 778-7700


Women Laughing on Beach

“Leona is one of the most lovable nurturing kind woman that I’ve ever met she loves the Lord and serve the Lord and reaches out to those who are unwanted unloved and opens her doors to those in need she is beautiful inside and out.”

~ K. Hecht


“I was blessed as a child to call Leona my friend. Not much has changed. She was always a kind and generous girl. Always had time for others and was involved with community and church projects even back then. Leona always found the need to continue her education, branching out into the humanitarian fields.


First, a nurse and then a Certified Nurse Midwife, she helped me to welcome my one and only child into God’s world. Always there for her patients, she was so very supportive. She just KNOWS SO much! Now a minister, she continues to grow along with her congregation that reaches far beyond the churches walls. She teaches, she comforts and she helps to give the gift of life both as a CNM and spiritually.โ€ฏHighly recommend Leona for all women’s health needs.”

~ S.โ€ฏLawlor

Friends Drinking Coffee

“As beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Kind quiet and there when you need her. Leona, Ken and I thank you again for your support and prayers for our family.”

~ R.โ€ฏMetzger


My Philosophy

In the realm of burnout prevention and motivational speaking, my philosophy is rooted in the belief that true motivation and purpose can only be discovered when we align ourselves with our authentic selves. The noble calling of the caring profession beckons us to give, please, and care for the most vulnerable among us. However, it is in this selfless devotion that we often neglect our own vulnerabilities, unwittingly paving the way for burnout.

My approach is centered on the understanding that nurturing the caregivers is paramount. By acknowledging and addressing our own vulnerabilities, we not only fortify ourselves against burnout but also unlock the true essence of our compassionate nature. Through motivational speaking, I aim to inspire and guide individuals in the caring profession to rediscover their authentic selves, fostering a sustainable wellspring of motivation and purpose that transcends the challenges inherent in their noble calling.

This philosophy serves as the cornerstone of my burnout prevention coaching and midwifery services, encouraging individuals to embrace self-awareness, self-care, and authenticity on their journey toward enduring fulfillment and resilience in the field of healthcare.

Begin to rejuvenate & live life to the fullest.   Call Today.   1 (878) 778-7700

Office Hours

Wednesday -Thursday

8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST

Call Now:  Let's Sparkle Together is at your service! 1(878) 778-7700

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