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One Hour Business
Burnout Prevention 

What do you do when burnout infects your industry?
When employees lose their passion for their work, 
impacting  producibility, patient care, sales, and your bottom line?

Call Let's Sparkle Together, LLC  Leona Logan, RN, CNM,
Influencer, Business Burnout Coach, Motivational Speaker-Ventriloquist for a free 15 minute consultation today
(878) 778-7700


Maybe, you've been leery of hiring another Burnout Consultant because the last few insulted your teams' intelligence, by reiterating common sense strategies, like getting more rest, eating healthily, exercising, and thinking happy thoughts.

Leona Logan, RN, CNM, with Let's Sparkle Together LLC, whose 30-plus years of listening and observing people in her medical career has discovered the secret to illuminating passion so hot that it becomes contagious, transforming lives and businesses for the better.


Call Let's Sparkle Together LLC  to speak to Leona Logan directly for a free 15-minute consultation.
(878)  778-7700 

Be the Brightest Star in your Industry.

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Hello. I'm Leona.

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We all need an A-hah moment.  That second in time when purpose and meaning collides with our souls.   An awareness that turns dull attitudes into one that sparkles, releasing your potential and making your life and business a place that participates in illuminating the best in people and the world.

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Let's sparkle — together.

Let your Sparkle become contagious. 

Be the light that ignites your team to succeed.


Prevent Burnout in One  Hour or Less!


You will be inspired.

You will be energized.

You will be amazed with your amazingness.

Don't let burnout become a systemic disaster.
Prevention, means your industry shines from within before it can emit enough light to become the brightest star in the universe of business.  Invest in the good people in your organization that help make you a success. 
Call Let's Sparkle Together LLC for a free 15 minute consultation, to discuss what program best suits your business today.                                                    (878)  778-7700 


Customized Interactive Keynotes, with Leona and the most brilliant "dummy" in America, Hildegard who seems to have a voice of her own. 

Programs are one of a kind, never boring, and always surprise filled with the creative,  imaginative and interactive feature of  ventriloquism with a purpose!
Leona’s puppets have a way with words of their own bringing
new life, humor and sparkling insight to any gathering.

Customized Events, Programs & Keynotes 
Call Today 
(878) 778-7700 or email Leona @

On-Site Group Burnout Coaching

One to One
Leadership Coaching

Business Meeting


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“Leona is one of the most lovable nurturing kind woman that I’ve ever met she loves the Lord and serve the Lord and reaches out to those who are unwanted unloved and opens her doors to those in need she is beautiful inside and out.”

~ K. Hecht

Women Wearing Sunglasses

“I was blessed as a child to call Leona my friend. Not much has changed. She was always a kind and generous girl. Always had time for others and was involved with community and church projects even back then. Leona always found the need to continue her education, branching out into the humanitarian fields.


First, a nurse and then a Certified Nurse Midwife, she helped me to welcome my one and only child into God’s world. Always there for her patients, she was so very supportive. She just KNOWS SO much! Now a minister, she continues to grow along with her congregation that reaches far beyond the churches walls. She teaches, she comforts and she helps to give the gift of life both as a CNM and spiritually. Highly recommend Leona for all women’s health needs.”

~ S. Lawlor

Friends Drinking Coffee

“As beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Kind quiet and there when you need her. Leona, Ken and I thank you again for your support and prayers for our family.”

~ R. Metzger

My Philosophy

"I learned that no matter what you do in life, whether you own a business, or have a career or family, unless you know the "WHY" behind what you do and have the ability to communicate your "WHY" to other's, you are at risk of losing you luster, and needlessly risk burn out.   You WHY, will brighten your business, your personal life and radiate into the world, if you know how to share it.


Let's get in touch.

Phone number: (878) 778-7700    ~ OR ~   Jot down what it is you are looking for, a keynote, or coaching.  I will get back to you within 24-48 hours and we can set up a 15 minute free no obligation consultaion.

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