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Hi! I'm

She remembered who she was and the game changed.

~ Lalah Delia

Inspiring women, creating memorable experiences.

Leona Logan inspires women to sparkle into wellness with the help of her puppet, who throws a voice into the hearts of women when they participate in transformational, renewing, Keynotes, Mini Office Retreats &  Tea Parties with purpose.


My Sparkle Story

Leona sparkled in her imaginative world during her early childhood. Her audience of stuffed animals, dolls, and puppets seemed to magically inspire her as she pretended to be a princess, a nurse, and a teacher. But after gigantic pearly whites replaced her baby teeth, Leona felt ugly. To her, it became true when a girl she had never seen before shouted, "look, she's a Bucky Beaver." Once happy and surrounded by friends, Leona stopped raising her hand in class; she silenced her voice and hid, fearing the humiliation of not being good enough. 


Her mother saw her pain. She worked extra hours as a medical assistant to afford braces for her daughter. Leona proudly displayed her metal caged teeth by smiling again, thinking, "one day, I'll be ok," But braces were no match for her massive overbite. When they were removed two years later, she found her lips still couldn't touch, separated by teeth that still hung out. Leona realized she had a choice, to stay hidden or to make her teeth matter for something good.


That's when everything changed for her.    She chose to risk smiling more than ever instead of hiding. She realized that she wasn't the only one hiding. Even those she admired, more often than not, wore frowns of worry, insecurities, and disappointments through which they suffered. Leona's heart was sensitized as she grew in compassion for others. Leona's smile changed how she felt about herself as well. Her heart seemed to have developed a new rhythm, giving her a new song of passion, courage, hope, resilience, and imagination.


Leona became what she had always imagined, a registered nurse and a certified nurse midwife. It was during coming alongside thousands of women as a women's health provider that Leona found a new way to tap into the imagination of women through her use of a puppet named Hildegard (her mother's name).   The magic of seeing oneself in stories and dialog between humans and puppets tear down defenses, where wonder begins. "What if?" a question we all ask, Leona brings to life as her puppet poses possibilities that touch our inner voice of hope. When our hearts sparkle, we all have the same chance to make the world a better place, one sparkle at a time.


Leona works with women's groups and businesses who desire a world that sparkles value in the lives of humanity, making the world a better place.


Call Leona at (878) 770-7700 or email her at   Tell her what you imagine for yourself, your women's group, or your company, and she will conceive a perfect program for you with an affordable package for all budgets.

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