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She remembered who she was and the game changed.

~ Lalah Delia

Inspiring women, creating memorable experiences.

Leona Logan, RN, CNM: Unleashing Brilliance and Defeating Burnout! ๐ŸŒŸ As a seasoned professional in burnout recovery, Leona delivers impactful keynotes, personalized coaching, and dynamic workshops. Meet her engaging assistant, Hildegard, a puppet with a voice that captivates. Let Leona and Hildegard inspire individuals and businesses to ignite their sparkle! Contact Let's Sparkle Together LLC today at (878) 778-7700 and embark on a transformative journey."


Don't Let Burnout Zap Your Sparkle

Meet Leona - Registered Nurse and Certified Nurse-Midwife who refused to let burnout defeat her. Despite feeling drained and uncertain, she never gave up. In fact, she rediscovered her spark and now generously shares her secrets through Let's Sparkle Together, LLC - a business that helps others thrive. 


But that's not all. Leona is also a Senior Pastor who effortlessly inspires people to shine. She even has a charming puppet assistant named Hildegard who steals the show with her wit and wisdom. Together, they're the dynamic duo that everyone wants to work with. Join Leona and Hildegard on their mission to transform lives.


Leona works with businesses, hospitals, healthcare workers, nurses, and women's groups, who desire a world that sparkles value in the lives of humanity, making the world a better place.


Call Leona at (878) 770-7700 or email her at   Tell her what you imagine for yourself, your business,  or your organization, and she will conceive a perfect program for you with an affordable package for all budgets.

My Sparkle Story

In the tapestry of my life, a Sparkle Story unfolded, weaving through the threads of self-discovery and resilience. Imagine the innocent transition of losing baby teeth, making room for my unique set of pearly whites. It was a natural part of growing up until one day, a careless comment from another girl attempted to cast shadows on my self-image – "Bucky Beaver," she jeered.

Those words, like arrows, struck a chord and left their mark, influencing the way I perceived myself. Yet, life, in its intricate dance, led me to a profound realization. I refused to let the thoughtless words of another dictate my worth. I embarked on a journey to rediscover the value in every aspect of myself, embracing those distinctive teeth that later became an asset in my ventriloquist pursuits.

As I stepped into the world of nursing and midwifery, my passion for caring and helping others took center stage. These roles became not just a career choice but a canvas for self-discovery, resilience, and embracing my unique gifts. The challenges and joys of nursing illuminated the path toward my own brilliance, empowering me to guide others on their journey from burnout to brilliance.

Later, my calling to pastoral ministry added another layer to my Sparkle Story. The intersection of healthcare, spirituality, and personal growth became a sacred space where my journey of self-discovery merged with a mission to guide fellow nurses, mothers, and women back to the radiant spark that ignited their passion for helping others.

Today, I stand as a testament to the freedom that comes with self-discovery, acknowledging the impact of words without letting them overshadow the radiant light of self-acceptance. In embracing my own uniqueness, I've found the strength to guide others on their journey from burnout to brilliance, incorporating the wisdom gained from nursing, midwifery, and pastoral ministry. The Sparkle Story is not just mine; it's an invitation for everyone to break free from the chains of doubt and step into the brilliance that awaits within.

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